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There is a unique purpose and plan for your life!  Begin today to live on purpose through purpose.  Experience dreams once imagined.

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Hello Sunshine,

Welcome to my site!  I am Shaniqua Cousins, an author, home cook enthusiast, coach, and founder of Seek Purpose Live Dreams; a talk show platform and lifestyle brand dedicated to the creation of inspirational and transformative media content and resources for use by women and girls.  

Several years ago, I made an intentional decision to live my life on purpose through purpose, and live out my dreams. It is my sincere hope that you will join me on this quest of purposeful living and dream fulfillment. Because here is something that I know to be true of you:  You are an expression of God, and God doesn’t make mistakes.  There is something special meant to unfold from you. 

Together with other women and girls, let us dedicate time, energy, and resources into discovering our purposes so we move from lost to found in every area of our lives.  Take committed actions steps to align accordingly, as well as courageously live out your dreams.  

I would love to support your aspirations and endeavors. Speaking engagements are welcome! You can also check out my inspirational resources and get updated with my upcoming events





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