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Press Release

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Press Releases

Shaniqua Cousins Creates “Letters to My Daughter”

Shaniqua Cousins creates a new stationery keepsake set for sharing with daughters around the globe.

Shaniqua Cousins created “Letters to My Daugher: Moments Captured, Bonds Sealed” as an intimate space for sharing her heart with her daughter. After years of writing her own letters, Shaniqua is ready to share this powerful means of exchange with you.

Letters to My Daughter encourages the use of written intimate exchanges between mothers and their daughters around the globe. The keepsake set features a set of envelopes with matching sheets of medium-weight paper and customized with a logo image. It is in robin’s egg blue and gold and with pre-addressed lines. The set also includes more trinkets and items that you can check out in our online store

Shaniqua Cousins Re-launches Inspirational Newsletter

Shaniqua Cousins re-launched her international newsletter, “Seek Purpose Live Dreams,” a monthly publication featuring Shaniqua and handpicked contributors. This lifestyle publication was created for women and girls around the world. The intent is to motivate and inspire the masses to “seek the intended purpose of their lives and the live the dreams God predestined for them.”

Through the newsletter, Shaniqua showcases inspirational gifts and talents of women and girls around the world. She partnered with women of similar purpose to become contributors. Together, they deliver well-balanced and full-spectrum topics that offer doses of reality and mirror revelatory possibilities.

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